May 12, 2014

Anywhere Pad, the Board Portal Software for iPads and Android Tablets

Posted May 12, 2014

Around a year ago, I wrote about Anywhere Pad, particularly about its new design. That blog entry was more of a test than anything else, but I thought of doing a follow-up post because a lot has happened since I published the first one.

Yes, I'm still affiliated with the product, but I can say with only a tiny hint of bias that Anywhere Pad has significantly improved from the first time I featured it here. 

Aside from the continuous enhancements we've been adding to refine Anywhere Pad's usability, we also made it more streamlined by aligning the Android version with the iOS version. Our goal is to give directors and administrators the same user experience whether they're using an iPad or Android tablet. It's not enough that Anywhere Pad works on Android and iOS. We want it to work just as well for either platform so whatever you choose, you get to enjoy all the benefits and conveniences offered by Anywhere Pad.

This move is in response to the fact that many organizations are now adopting a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy. We realize the policy won't be effective unless people have the freedom to choose whatever device to use; but with most board portal vendors offering board portal solutions for iPad use only, administrators and directors have no choice but to switch to iOS tablets if they aren't already using one yet. Don't get me wrong – iPads are great gadgets. But there are a lot of folks who prefer to use Android devices (which are great gadgets, too) so it only makes sense that they get choice in the matter as well.

Thus, we made Anywhere Pad a viable Android board portal solution for enterprise use. With stringent security features such as AES-256 network encryption, AES-128 document encryption, 2048-bit SSL, ISO 27001 (AWS EC2), on-the-fly decryption, automatic purge for lost devices, audit logging, and fine-grained access control, Anywhere Pad can effectively safeguard confidential information from malicious attacks and unauthorized access, whether the threat is internal or external.

Aside from security, we also beefed up the real-paper feel directors have been looking for in a board portal solution. The freehand annotation feature allows users to write comments using their own hand or stylus, while the whiteboard lets them draw diagrams (and even doodles) and map out processes.

To learn more about Anywhere Pad and its capabilities, request for a demo or quote.

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