Oct 18, 2013

Why I can't upgrade my Openshift account to a paid one [Updated]

Posted Oct 18, 2013
[Update 19 March 2014] Openshift has just introduced a new plan: Bronze plan! Which costs $0 to maintain and you have options to place add-ons. This is great news!

Openshift is a great platform to host your web application. I like the the way it was designed, allowing the community to contribute. I like its performance and up time. Another great thing about Openshift is the free account; you start with 3 small gears, 512MB RAM and 1GB storage and unlimited bandwidth which is good enough for a small start-up website.

What's the problem with Openshift?
I find its pricing plan unusual. If you're on FreeShift, you cannot add resources (like storage, RAM, etc).. not until you upgrade to Silver Plan. So from $0 per month, your next option is already the Silver plan which is $20 per month + resource usage costs.

I find this extremely strange why you're forced to have a minimum of $20 per month before you can add resources.  It's expensive, where as Digital Ocean offers 20GB of storage space 512MB RAM for $5 per month; only downside is the 1TB bandwidth limitation.

There's already a feature request to add a pay-as-you-go storage for FreeShift but no update yet when it will be implemented.

Oct 4, 2013

[Solved] How to make iOS Simulator choose Wi-Fi Connection

Posted Oct 4, 2013
Depending on your configuration, you may notice that the iPad or iPhone simulator uses the LAN connection. One workaround is to unplug your ethernet cable so that the simulator will be forced to use WiFi, but if you don't want to do this every time, you may also try the following configuration below:

1. Go to Network Preferences

2. Click the Gear icon and choose "Set Service Order"

3. Move the Wi-Fi service on top of Ethernet service.

You can restart the simulator and see if it uses the Wi-Fi connection.