Dec 27, 2013

Path to iPhone Simulator files in Mac OS X Mavericks, Xcode 5

Posted Dec 27, 2013
You should start looking in:
/Users/[current user]/Library/iPhone Simulator/

If you can't see the Library folder in Finder, click here how to show hidden files and folders in Mac OS X.

To access the applications in the Simulator, pick the iOS version you are using e.g.:
/Users/[current user]/Library/iPhone Simulator/6.1

Go to Applications folder and pick the hashed folder name that contains your application e.g.
/Users/[current user]/Library/iPhone Simulator/6.1/Applications/2ABAAFD5-71B0-478A-BEBD-13BA56AA03D7

For the SQLite Database, it should be inside the "Documents" folder with the extension ".sqlite" e.g.:
/Users/[current user]/Library/iPhone Simulator/6.1/Applications/2ABAAFD5-71B0-478A-BEBD-13BA56AA03D7/Documents/myapp.sqlite

You can use Liya app (it's free) to open the sqlite database.

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