Oct 18, 2013

Why I can't upgrade my Openshift account to a paid one [Updated]

Posted Oct 18, 2013
[Update 19 March 2014] Openshift has just introduced a new plan: Bronze plan! Which costs $0 to maintain and you have options to place add-ons. This is great news!

Openshift is a great platform to host your web application. I like the the way it was designed, allowing the community to contribute. I like its performance and up time. Another great thing about Openshift is the free account; you start with 3 small gears, 512MB RAM and 1GB storage and unlimited bandwidth which is good enough for a small start-up website.

What's the problem with Openshift?
I find its pricing plan unusual. If you're on FreeShift, you cannot add resources (like storage, RAM, etc).. not until you upgrade to Silver Plan. So from $0 per month, your next option is already the Silver plan which is $20 per month + resource usage costs.

I find this extremely strange why you're forced to have a minimum of $20 per month before you can add resources.  It's expensive, where as Digital Ocean offers 20GB of storage space 512MB RAM for $5 per month; only downside is the 1TB bandwidth limitation.

There's already a feature request to add a pay-as-you-go storage for FreeShift but no update yet when it will be implemented.

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