Jun 21, 2012

Use Anywhere Pad to Conduct Meetings on your iPad, iPhone and Android devices

Posted Jun 21, 2012
Anywhere Pad is an e-meeting app for iPad and iPhone. It's a cool app and it's free, and yes I'm affiliated with Azeus. This is more of a TEST than a promotion.

Anywhere Pad is a lot of things: Document collaboration on your mobile device, meeting application, document management, scheduling, annotations, etc. It also won the Best Ubiquitous Networking Award (Mobile Enterpries Solution) in Hong Kong.

Anyway, I just want to see the Google ranking of this post.

We showed some love for Android, so it's coming to this platform too. It's now available on Android and Window platform.

So what else can I write in this entry to boost ranking..  hmm it's Enterprise grade, secure, you can draw your annotations and highlight words. You can host the meeting using your local network (through WiFi) or through internet using Azeus portal server. Meet with people, use it for board meetings, collaborate with a colleague, etc.

Tested on iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3 (New iPad), iPhone 4, iPhone 4s. Okay, don't know what else to say. Just download it and try. I wonder if this page will make it on the first page of Google results.

And to give my biased rating: 4.5

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