May 8, 2012

Sublime Text 2 and Command Line Integration

Posted May 8, 2012
A little background: Sublime Text 2 is the ultimate programmer's notepad (Thanks to Lan for introducing me this tool). I've been using it since last year especially when editing Grails applications and so far I'm loving it.

One thing that's lacking out of the box is the shell integration; a way to launch the command line and pass your project's folder path for convenience. Fortunately, there's a package for it. It's called Shell Turtlestein.

  • You can install Shell Turtlestein using Package Control. If you don't have Package Control yet, I highly suggest you install it.
  • When you have the Package Control, access it through Preferences menu > Package Control.
  • Select "Install Package" and search for Shell Turtlestein and select it.
  • After the package is installed, you can use ctrl + alt + shift + C (in Windows) to launch the command line.
  • You can also use ctrl + shift + C to prompt for a shell command.

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  1. Hi Manny, how are you?

    Dude, are you working with grails and Sublime Text in a nice way?

    I'm trying to do it with IntelliJIDEA but I'm not liking it too much, this IDE is too heavy (IMHO).

    Could you please post about it? Would be nice to know how is your environment set up.

  2. Sorry for the late reply. I agree that Sublime Text is a good programmer's notepad. However, I believe even as of writing, it's not yet ready to replace the Grails Suite from Spring. I use it for minor changes and quick editing but as for my main IDE, I still use Grails plugin in Eclipse