Oct 11, 2011

Dart: A new programming language from El Goog

Posted Oct 11, 2011

Google released a new web programming language called Dart. Still remember Go? I don't know that happened there, but maybe "Dart lang" will be the new "Go lang".

Google makes an effort to make it work both in client and server-side web programming which is a plus for any developer. Less languages to learn. It's about time, I think; Javascript is really getting old. I tried playing with Dart at http://try-dart-lang.appspot.com and it's very intuitive if you have a background in Javascript / Java / C++ / C#.

The ultimate goal of Dart is to replace Javsacript; feature-wise and performance-wise. I'm still skeptical about the idea  happening soon but maybe this is the future.  But instead of fighting to be the best, why not just co-exist happily?  I'll be happy either way.

If this language becomes mainstream, I'd want to be a part of a team or at least contribute to what they will do; which is hopefully a very good web framework inspired by Ruby on Rails or Grails.

If you're interested to discuss ideas with the Dart Team, here's a link to the Reddit discussion. Quite interestingly, read that Google has allocated significant resources on this project.

For more information, go to their website: http://www.dartlang.org

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