Sep 26, 2011

Ruby on Rails 3.1 Released!

Posted Sep 26, 2011
Last 30th of August, Ruby on Rails 3.1 has been released which includes whole new set of features. It's more like a version 4.0 in my opinion with the major changes incorporated. For more information on the changes,  read the Ruby on Rails blog article.

I'm still testing the waters With regards to this framework, and so far so good. Maybe this is a good time to invest time and energy in learning this new web framework. Big fan of Don't Repeat Yourself (DRY) and Convention over Configuration principles, which lead me to two new frameworks Ruby on Rails (RoR) and Grails (which is like Rails for Java).

Haven't used either frameworks in real-world applications but I have a client that's interested in using a new framework so I might recommend that we use one of them. If you're interested in these frameworks, I'd suggest you give it a try and download them in their respective websites:

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