Aug 5, 2011

Speed-up Eclipse

Posted Aug 5, 2011
Upon searching the web I cam accross several references to help improve the performance of Eclipse.

JVM Settings
For general case, you can change the JVM settings and edit your eclipse.ini


For more information on the details of the parameters, check out the reference. also suggested to use the latest version of Eclipse and Java to improve performance.  As of writing, I'm using Eclipse 3.6 Helios and JDK 1.6.0_22.  I'm yet to update because it will take time to install the new versions, but I'm very much happy with the JVM settings.

Improve Eclipse Autocompletion

Sometimes, I experience a slow response from Eclipse when it triggers the auto-complete especially the Java Autocomplete feature. For Java, you can go to Eclise Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Content Assist -> Advanced and you can remove the default proposals you are not using (first table).  For my case, I unchecked all except for "Java Proposals" and "Template Proposals".  For the second table, you may be wondering what content assist cycling is, this is activated when you press Ctrl+Space more than once and the content assist cycles to different proposals.  You can just uncheck all if you are not using content assist cycles.

The next thing is not really to improvement performance, but more of a preference or a setting.  You can increase / decrease the activation delay of you content assist's auto-activation feature.  This normally happens after you put a dot (.) and Eclipse tries to find proposals that suites your programmign needs.  If you go to Eclise Preferences -> Java -> Editor -> Content Assist and change the value to your liking. By default, the setting is 200 (in milliseconds), I prefer to use 0. Note though for slower computers, setting it to 0 might degrade the performance and actually slow down your coding.

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